Pino Procopio - Lo psicologo

Pino Procopio - Lo psicologo
Serigrafía - Firmado - 2017

YEAR: 2017

Artist’s biography:
Pino Procopio was born in 1954 in Guardavalle, Calabria. He already enjoyed modelling clay during the nursery school. In middle school he makes erotic drawings, for which he is reproached many times. He attended the art school, then he enrolled in the faculty of Architecture in Rome, never neglecting his artistic activity. In the 1970s, during his walks through Rome, he started to attend some of the galleries. His first exhibition was opened in Rome at the ‘La Bitta’ art centre in 1980.
After that, he had a flourishing artistic career, rich in productions and exhibitions in the major Italian towns. Procopio’s artworks express irony, sarcasm and even cynicism. His artistic expression is provocative, without preconceptions, revelation of an intellectual delicacy. Today Procopio is recognised as one of the greatest Italian and international masters from the 20th century.
As a drawer, painter and sculptor, Pino Procopio has a strong and sharp irony. It is sufficient to look randomly at his drawings (watercolours, temperas, oils, bronzes) to understand it immediately. Or it is sufficient to look at his women: Virginia, Ida, Sara, La donne di Malta, Vedove bianche, Promesse spose. But although he may treat them cruelly, he loves women as Fellini did. Procopio stages a feast for the eyes, the senses and the fantasy. It is the world seen through a bad-tempered eye with a distorting lens and given back by a petulant temperamental hand, drawing with quick incisive lines. They are both prone to the play, the laughter, the caricatural humour, the parody, a bittersweet, cheerful and hilarious parody. Procopio’s first quality is irony. In his case, humour is not the opposite of irony but it arises from irony. Irony is a basic attitude, which also has a moral value, but it is not connected so directly to the problem of good and evil. Between irony and humour our artist inserts a distorting glance, his caricatural impulse, his expressive imagination. It is from here that laughter, humour and fun arise. Procopio has his own idea of irony: “Irony - he says - is effective when there is immediacy and exasperating it becomes tiring. That’s why I paint straight off. I have to finish a painting as soon as possible, before it finishes me”. The genesis of Procopio’s painting is in Chiaravalle, where he spent the years of his childhood, and in Rome, where he developed his vocation for art. Some of the subjects on which Procopio uses his ironic talent are the couple, the relationship between two people, the marriage, a reality familiar to him since his stay in his native Calabria. Procopio says he doesn’t love satire but this is not entirely true. There is a lot of satire in his artworks and he spends his caricatural inspiration on everything and everyone: society, culture, history and mythology. He knows art history well and does not hesitate to parody the mythical figures of the past, whether they are Piero della Francesca, Mantegna, or Antonello da Messina, just as he does not hesitate to parody the gods or demigods of mythology. After the art school, Procopio had attended the faculty of Architecture. It would have been more than logical that Procopio, after taking his degree, joined the studio of one of the masters of that period and started his career as an architect. However, it seems that his vocation was different. “Painting is a destiny”, Matisse said. So he started to be a professional painter, giving vent to his talent of ironic caricatural artist. “It could only be that way”, he commented. Drawing is his strength. Procopio is a lonely painter. “It’s true, I am a lonely painter, since 1984 I have been living in Giulianova almost in solitude. What do I do when I’m not working? I listen to silence. I dream of the picture I’m going to paint. If I hadn’t become a painter, I would have been a carpenter. In winter a carpenter, in summer a fisherman”.

Biography of the gallery:
the La Riva art gallery was founded in 1970 by Ginevra Montani Tattoni, beginning a journey into the figurative arts with the most important Italian and international masters of the twentieth century, such as Michele Cascella, Domenico Cantatore, Massimo Campigli, Renato Guttuso, Salvatore Fiume, Franz Borghese and Carlo Levi, with whom the gallery had a flourishing artistic and human collaboration. In 1983 the first exhibition of the artist Pino Procopio was held. The gallery goes on collaborating with him even today, in a thirty-year artistic and human partnership celebrated with a solo exhibition of the master in July 2013. In recent years the gallery has focused mainly on contemporary art, holding exhibitions of masters such as Luca Alinari, Ugo Attardi, Carla Accardi, Alberto Gianquinto and many others. It also organised group exhibitions about Pop Art, the Transavantgarde both in the gallery and in museums. The participation in important fairs of modern and contemporary art has brought the gallery to Padua, Bari, Bergamo, Arezzo, Viterbo and Pavia. Recently they looked for new talents in the art field, such as Paola Di Domenico, Massimo Forzani or Arturo Baldan, new avant-garde artists in the contemporary field. La Riva gallery always based the relationship with customers on trust and mutual respect, establishing solid relationships with collectors. After more than forty years of activity we can say that we are still happy and excited to continue this fascinating journey in the Arts.

Detalles del lote
Pino Procopio
Título de la obra
Lo psicologo
Dimensiones de la imagen
33×33 cm
Dimensiones totales
33×0×33 cm
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