Large Antique Nicheren Shu Buddhist Sect Butsudan Zushi - Gold Gilt, Colour, Caligraphy, Laquered Wood - Japan - Edo Period 江戸時代 (1800s)

Large Antique Nicheren Shu Buddhist Sect Butsudan Zushi - Gold Gilt, Colour, Caligraphy, Laquered Wood - Japan - Edo Period 江戸時代 (1800s)
28cms. Good condition, see description

This is a beautiful, rare, genuine Japanese, antique, Nicheren Shu Buddhist Sect Zushi Butsudan, hand crafted by a traditional 'Busshi' ( a creator of Buddhist Images and Pieces) in laquered, coloured, and gold gilt wood from the 1800s, late Edo Period (江戸時代 Edo jidai).

Nicheren Shu is a Japanese Buddhist sect founded by the religious teacher Nichiren (1222–82) with the Lotus Sutra as its central scripture. 

Here in this older version of the modern Gohonzons, and in its original Zushi or Butsudan Box, 'Namu-Myoho-Renge-Kyo' is beautifully hand written on the central tablet ( the Gohonzon) on a small pagoda, between two Buddha figures.

Two Buddhas are Shaka Nyorai & Taho Nyorai, they flank the central 'Pagoda' which symbolises a 'Bussharito'. This is a Buddhist pagoda that allegedly contains Busshari (remains of the Buddha, Shakamuni-butsu).
These two Buddhas symbolise Buddhas that ward off all kinds of evils, and that will come and guide the person to the heavens at the time of death.

The mantra 南無妙法蓮華経 (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) Namu Myohorenge-kyo' means to become a believer in the rule (Buddhism) and the teaching of Myohorenge-kyo (the Hoke-kyo sutra).

At the front sits the founder of the sect, Nichiren Daibosatsu (the Great Bodhisattva Nichiren) considered a Saint. This is hand coloured in realistic flesh tones.

The Zushi has elaborate designed copper/brass fittings including hinges and is also gilded.

Originally part of an old house shrine, from a old estate sell, imported directly from Japan by me.

A wonderful antique for the collector, altar, or an impressive interior design statement.


Zushi: Good. Patina, wear, small scratches, fading, chipping, dust. Minor loss, dark discolouration, chipping and fading of gold gilt, and laquer, all usual for age/wear. Patina and age to copper fittings.

Statues: Good. Patina, wear, small scratches, fading, dust. Discolouration and fading of colour, all usual for age/wear. Item missing from Saint Nicherens right hand. Statues are not removable.

Late 19th Century. Late Edo Period (江戸時代 Edo jidai) (1800s) Japan. Japanese Antique Dealer. Details on request.



Height: 28cm /11 inches approximately
Width: 25.5cm / 10 inches approximately
Depth: 15cm / 6 inches approximately


Width: 50cm/ 20 inches approximately


2000g approximately


3000g approximately

Carefully packaged and shipped tracked and signed insured. Requires extra packaging and larger box hence higher postage.

Detalles del lote
Madera lacada dorada
Periodo Edo (1600-1868)
Región / País de origen
Título de la obra de arte
Nicheren Shu Buddhist Zushi Butsudan -Gold Gilt, Colour & Laquer Wood
Buen estado, ver descripción
255×280×150 mm
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