Vaso de piedra incisado de Chavin Cupisnique con figuras antropomorfas, Circa 900 - 200 a. C. - Piedra - Cultura chavin - Perú

Vaso de piedra incisado de Chavin Cupisnique con figuras antropomorfas, Circa 900 - 200 a. C. - Piedra - Cultura chavin - Perú
En buen estado, usado con algunos signos de desgaste


Chavin Culture, Highlands of Norther-Peru. Circa 900 - 200 B.C.

Chavin Culture, Highlands of Norther-Peru.

Circa 900 - 200 B.C.

Circa 9,0 cm height.
Circa 8,5 cm diameter.

Circa 822,0 Gram.

Carved from a hard, red-brown stone, probably steatite. With brown red cinnabar pigment.

The state of preservation is in good condition with beautifully deep geometric carvings, ancient surface pitting into the stone. Surface presents a beautiful brown red cinnabar pigment.

Yanto Alexander Fine Art, acquired in 2016 to the present.
Formerly in a European Collection, Circa 1970`s to 1980`s.
Private Collection of R. Ferrero, Switzerland, acquired prior to 1965; and thence by descent.
From a Private French Collection that was formed in the 1950's.

Chavin Cupisnique Incised Stone Vessel, 900-200 B.C.

Rare Pre-Columbian Chavin hard stone snuff container or vessel, dating back from circa 900 to 200 B.C. Northern Andean highlands of Peru. Chavin - Cupisnique Culture. This circular-shaped ceremonial vessel with is incised with mythical anthropomorphic figures, circular and geometric motifs, typical of the type Cupisnique style to Chavin. The deep interior is smooth, flat rim.

Ceremonial cup, engraved on the outer walls of a magnificent characteristic decoration with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic forms interlocking into each other to evoke images with several senses of reading. These images are related to a particular glyphic iconography associated with magico-religious rites where the man, the shaman and the mythical animals are in symbiosis. Mysterious symbols composed of a glyphic writing whose meaning has been lost over time. Engraved, carved and polished stone with traces of cinnabar and localized white mineral dye.

Lanzon, the chief deity of Chavin;
Lanzon, the chief deity of Chavin, is carved on a towering stone stelae kept inside the labyrinthine Old Temple, one of the earliest built parts of the massive, flat-topped pyramid at the center of the Chavin capital, Chavin de Huantar. Lanzon is depicted with a jaguar head, a human body, and eyebrows and hair made of snakes. Modern viewers and archaeological accounts are rife with complaints that Lanzon in his current position in the temple is difficult to see, crammed into a space where one has to crane one's neck and push back against a wall to try to take in the full figure. It therefore seems likely that, as on this bowl, Chavin worshippers were drawn to contemplate and worship individual features of the god - the mouth, the hairline, the eye - rather than considering it as a whole. This incredible vessel invites you to do the same.

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Detalles del lote
Vaso de piedra incisado de Chavin Cupisnique con figuras antropomorfas, Circa 900 - 200 a. C.
Grupo étnico/cultura
Cultura chavin
Región / país
En buen estado, usado con algunos signos de desgaste
9×8.5×0 cm
822 g
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