A miniature Torah pointer shaped like a fish - very rare - .800 silver

A miniature Torah pointer shaped like a fish - very rare - .800 silver
austro- Hungarian - Early 20th century

A magnificent miniature Torah pointer ( yad ) the handle is shape like a fish

Hand crafted in austro - Hungary - Jewish artist - circa early 1920

Very very rare to find A Torah pointer that is designed like fish

Made from solid silver 800/1000- not marked - tested with acid

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The fish symbol appears as an important symbol in many of the world’s major religions.
The symbol dates back to the ancient far and near East, ancient Greece, the Roman empire, ancient Europe and Scandinavia.
​Universally the fish symbol has been found to represent fertility, success, good luck, harmony and emotions.
The fish has evolved through millions of years and also represents the power of change , transformation and growth.

Another strength of the fish is its sense of community.
​​When threatened, often fish will swarm together as in the photo of this sardine swarm, providing each other protection.
The fish are naturally connected to the element of water which is the element often connected with healing, emotion and meditation.

Fish are also considered to be connected with a sense of purposeful movement due to the rough currents that they encounter in their environment and that they overcome. This is a metaphor to life where very often rough currents and challenges can prevent or hinder people in reaching their goals. The symbol of the fish therefore reminds us of overcoming obstacles and stretching our own limits.

Another interpretation for the fish symbol is the connection with fertility. Due to the fact that fish tend to lay thousands of eggs at a time, the fish represents not only fertility, but also success, thought processes, intelligence and inventiveness!

As with other symbols such as the Hamsa hand itself and the eye symbol, the symbolism of the fish has different variations from culture to culture, and in some cases the species of the fish itself hold unique interpretations.
The first time in the Torah that God speaks to any living creature, the speech is directed at fish. In Genesis 1:22
“And God blessed them saying: Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas…”
The fish have been associated with much awe and mystery due to the fact that they dwell in the depths of the oceans.

In Judaism the fish are used in ceremonies and blessings are said for the fish, human beings and the Sabbath - as such the fish are considered sources of blessings.

The fish symbol is also connected to the Sabbath - the 7th day- as the numerical value of the word fish dag equals the number seven. As such, on the Sabbath it is traditional to eat fish.
On Rosh HaShana it is also customary to place or eat the head of the fish, symbolizing the wish to be at the "head" of the community as well as in righteousness.
Head of a fish for Rosh Hashanah

Their symbolism with fertility and abundance can be seen in an example when Jacob blessed the two sons of Joseph, Jacob said: "Let them multiply in the midst of the earth" (Genesis 48:16)
In Hebrew, the word for "multiply" ve-yidgu derives from the word fish dagim.

In the sea the fish are covered by water and thus many rabbis note that the fish are more protected from the Evil eye - a glare which is cast with intentions to cause harm.

The Talmud tells us the “Evil Eye” has no effect on fish and therefore the symbols is popular among jewish people, and can be seen in many amulets against the “Evil Eye.” The fish symbol has also appeared at many entrances of private homes such as of the Jews in Djerba, North Africa and can still be seen there to some degree today.

Detalles del lote
Un puntero en miniatura de la Torá con forma de pez, muy raro
.800 plata
Periodo estimado
Principios del siglo XX
País de origen
Excelente estado - apenas usado y con signos mínimos de los años y de desgaste
0×0×13 cm
16 g
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