Brechas raras granulíticas lunares raras Acondrita planetaria - 27×8×8 mm - 6.186 g - (1)

Brechas raras granulíticas lunares raras Acondrita planetaria - 27×8×8 mm - 6.186 g - (1)
Mauritania o Argelia

Northwest Africa 4881
Mauritania or Algeria
Find: 2005
Mass: 606 g

Achondrite (lunar, granulitic breccia)
History: Found in 2005 and purchased by Stefan Ralew in January 2007 from a dealer in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Physical characteristics: A single, broken, irregular conical stone (606 g) partially covered by translucent, pale greenish fusion crust and with a pale grey-brown interior.

Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) Fine grained recrystallized breccia composed of larger plagioclase grains (converted partially to maskelynite) poikilitically enclosing very small grains (mostly 30-80 microns) of low-Ca pyroxenes, olivine, Ti-chromite, ilmenite, troilite and metal.

Mineral compositions and geochemistry: Olivine (Fa40.4-58.8, FeO/MnO = 91-100), plagioclase (An96.1-98Or<0.1), pigeonite (Fs32.0-64.5Wo9.5-13.1, FeO/MnO = 51.1-62).

Classification: Achondrite (lunar, granulitic breccia) This stone is paired with Northwest Africa 3163 (Irving et al., 2006) and Northwest Africa 4483; in combination these specimens evidently represent naturally broken pieces from a crusted lunar meteorite weighing at least 2448 g.

Specimens: A total of 20 g of sample and one polished mount are on deposit at UWS. Ralew holds the main mass.

NWA 4881 was found in the Sahara desert and classified as a feldspathic granulitic breccia, similar samples of which had beenrecovered at most Apollo lunar highland sites.

As members of the IMCA (International Association of Meteorite Collectors), we guarantee the authenticity of all our pieces.

(The certificate of authenticity will be delivered with the Meteorite)

Detalles del lote
Número de artículos
Mineral principal / Nombre del meteorito
Brechas raras granulíticas lunares raras
Forma mineral / Tipos de meteoritos
Acondrita planetaria
27×8×8 mm
6.186 g
Origen (país)
Mauritania o Argelia
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