Ágata (variedad de cuarzo) Amuletos - Grandes cuentas Dzi de meditación tibetana - ¡Especial! Símbolo Varja, Om̐, Ojo de - 80×17×17 mm - 160 g - (5)

Ágata (variedad de cuarzo) Amuletos - Grandes cuentas Dzi de meditación tibetana - ¡Especial! Símbolo Varja, Om̐, Ojo de - 80×17×17 mm - 160 g - (5)

Mineral name: Tibetan Agate
Shape: Amulet / Bead / Dzi
Opaque, shiny and semi translucent aspect.
Decoration: Varja symbol, Om, Eye of the Dragon.39 and 9 Eyes
Weight: 160.3 g / 801.5 ct.
Country of origin: Tibet

Collection of 5 Large Tibetan Meditation Beads in Agate with different representations, that are very attractive, especially because of the symbols.
They are all of large size, tapered in nuanced shades of deep black, brown, light grey and white.
Their appearances are opaque to semi translucent with a small patina on some beads.
In very good condition, showing slight signs of wear more or less depending on the bead.
Tall, shiny and attractive!
Estimated period: Late 20th century.

Total weight: (5) - 160.3 g

Please note:

1/ - Large Dzi bead in Tibetan Agate.
Varja symbol and 4 circular schematic stripes.
Vajra, meaning "lightning" or "diamond"

(80.3 x 17.3 mm) - 35.6 g

Symbol for large ceremonies, prayers and rituals, the symbol of compassion. Vajra or dorje in Tibetan means lightning and diamond or precious stone. It is an important ritual instrument in Hinduism (the god Indra and its spectrum of lightning).
It was taken up by Tantric Buddhism, lightning represents the indestructible, symbol of the destruction of all that is harmful, the obstacles; as a diamond, it destroys ignorance by the clarity of its absolute truth.

2/ - Large Dzi bead in Tibetan Agate.
Symbol of 39 Eyes and Tiger Tooth
Purification, luck and protection

(77.2 x 14.4 mm) - 26.7 g

It helps to reach purity and prepare the connection between the body, the mind and the soul to one day be able to reach the Nirvana.
Increases the magical power inherent to the bearer, it executes your most ardent desire and it has all the characteristics of the other beads as well.
All concentrated in one.
Tiger Teeth bring luck and protection.

3/ - Large Dzi bead in Tibetan Agate.
Special! Om̐ symbol
Several symbols, syllables and 12 Eyes.

(79.6 x 15.3 mm) - 28.8 g

Scriptures of "Om̐, Om or Aum"
Aum or Om or Om is a syllable representing the original sound or the eternal creator verb.
This syllable is found in several religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.
In Hinduism, Om represents the divine and original vibration from which the whole universe was created. It is also the most important symbol found in all the sacred texts of India.
Om is also the mantra that is often sung in yoga classes.
The 12 Eyes:
The fulfilment of all our wishes through fearlessness and bravery arises from the sacred power of these 12 eyes.
They meet everyone's needs and desires.
There were 12 Celestial Generals when the historical Buddha introduced the healing Sutra.
It was believed that they would provide protection for 12 consecutive hours.

4/ - Large Dzi bead in Tibetan Agate.
Dragon Eye symbol.
Representing the Mantra.

(79.6 x 15.3 mm) - Weight: 37.7 g

Please note:
The Dragon Eye represents the ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ mantra and would be the foundation stone of Happiness and a good Karma.
Dragon Eye Dzi are considered to be a Source of Life and gravitate between heaven and earth.
Tibetans consider dragons as the most prestigious of animals. They are the strongest physically, mentally and spiritually.
Such a bead is used to protect a house, placed on an altar as an offering.

5/ - Large Dzi bead in Tibetan Agate.
9 Eyes symbol
9 planetary systems.

(81.3 x 17.5 mm) - Weight: 31.3 g.

The 9 eyes Dzi helps to convert seemingly insignificant ideas into great ideas, even transforming obstacles into assets.
The belief is that the 9-eyed Dzi is the representation of the 9 planetary systems.

Please see the photos carefully to get a better idea of the lot.

The lot will be carefully packaged and shipped via insured Colissimo with tracking.

Detalles del lote
Número de artículos
Mineral principal / Nombre del meteorito
Ágata (variedad de cuarzo)
Forma mineral / Tipos de meteoritos
Amuletos - Grandes cuentas Dzi de meditación tibetana - ¡Especial! Símbolo Varja, Om̐, Ojo de
80×17×17 mm
160 g
Origen (país)
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