Raptor 1, 0, G, H0, N, Z - Controles / Interruptores - Sistema Raptor con SpDrs60-RPi (Raspberry Pi) + AutoM+Interfaz

Raptor 1, 0, G, H0, N, Z - Controles / Interruptores - Sistema Raptor con SpDrs60-RPi (Raspberry Pi) + AutoM+Interfaz
CC - Corriente continua/Digital - Perfecto - Parcialmente en la caja original

Raptor H0, N, Z, G, 0, 1 - accessories - Raptor System with SpDrs60-RPi (Raspberry Pi) + AutoM + Interface

Tested and working.

Raptor Systeem with software and interface

- DCC, Motorola, SelecTRIX® and FMZ® in one
control centre for standard digital locomotives,
sections, exchange streets and (shadow) stations, directly
connectable to the popular digital Boosters

- SUPER-DE-LUXE lure control including switching to
24 functions (depending on decoder).

- Per train-adjustable lure control SPEED LIMITER.
Never too fast accidentally!

- Stop trains WITHOUT current interruption at
lead signals through stop-contact points, so that
LIGHT and SOUND functions for red signs
continue to work.

- Overview of train positions with TRAIN NUMBER and

- SPEEDS of locomotives adjustable individually
and/or manually.

- To enter up to 250 trains, complete with
identification name and decoder data.

- Hundreds of (software) REM GENERATORS, for
mass simulation decoders at signal pole stop contact points,
accurate to the millimetre!

- New trains can be signed up within one minute and
automatically ride over the entire track.

- Enter up to 500 roadways /switches, including
you can choose block names yourself.

Switches and signals:
- All types (three-way and cross)switches per alternating street are available to be imported indefinitely,
one-button operation!

- All switches and signals operated at all times with repeat button of last
controlled switch or signal.

- Independent VALIDATION TIME per switch/signal adjustable, among others
(servo) motor controls.

- All input types including switch rails / magnet (reed) contact (which WILL NEVER AGAIN
CAN BURN!) as impulse contacts and/or contact rails & power
(busy) detection as an ongoing back notification,
can all be used mixed up.

- Main signals (in shadow stations) need NOT be physically present, i.e.
without decoder.

Return transducer:
-- Only one transducer entrance per block needed! Automatic recognition of
new S88 detectors.

- Built-in fast S88 default filters for hassle-free transducer.
(up to 50 meter!)

- Easy to change block names, S88 inputs, switches and signal numbers or
adding them.

- UNIQUE automatic job plan learning option! Only one train manually
drive it on the track and Raptor automatically learns all lanes,
switches and intersections! For all complex rail designs and
stations for all trains from ANY direction at once!

Blocks and roadways:
- FLAWLESS and AUTOMATIC emplacements, flank and
crossing SECURITY.

- Roadways/track parts easily switched on and off.
(for example, rail work)

- Raptor's extremely advanced ROUTE PLANNER lets
ALL your trains ride very varied AT THE SAME TIME
and SPECTACULARY mixed up!

- Train movements you no longer have to
PROGRAM yourself!

- Easy block names, S88 entrances, switch and
change or add some signal numbers.

- Observation of TRAIN DELAYS and automatic REDIRECT
of the other trains.

- Even during automatic driving, RAPTOR is lightning fast
controllable for data entry/modification.

- UNDESTRUCTIBLE dial! Gold contact keyboard
Optimized for colour blindness.

- Case is DUST FREE for indoor and SPLASH PROOF, with
sunlight UV filter, for outdoors!

- Low power consumption, only 2 watts!! LARGE TEXTS on
scratch-free keys & 4 control screen.

- Clear backlight of screen for
reflection lighting keyboard for a "night ride".
- Raptor started within 2 seconds and stores all
data in 1 second completely BATTERYLESS.

Software SpDrS60 capabilities from Raptor

A graphical capability has been developed for Raptor to
display your job plan on one or more monitors
according to the SpDrs60 method (Spurplan Drucktasten Stellwerk of
Siemens 1960). The SpDrs60 method is a development
for the benefit of the German railways for operating
emplacements for, for example, stations from (simple)
Signal boxes.

The SpDrs60-RPi loads at startup
of the computer all the software needed for the SpDrs60 and
configures everything AUTOMATICALLY with the Raptor interface.

Photos are part of the description.
Locomotives have 1 month warranty after purchase.

If found to be defective within 1 month it may be returned free of charge within the Netherlands.
All packages will be shipped via registered and insured mail.

Detalles del lote
N.º de artículos
Controles / Interruptores
0, 1, G, H0, N, Z
Fuente de alimentación
CC - Corriente continua
Parcialmente en la caja original
Sistema Raptor con SpDrs60-RPi (Raspberry Pi) + AutoM+Interfaz
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