Antiguo Egipto Bronce Dios Osiris, stand Inagaki - 19×6×3 cm - (1)

Antiguo Egipto Bronce Dios Osiris, stand Inagaki - 19×6×3 cm - (1)
Late Period, 626 - 323 BC

A sculptural image of the god Osiris, one of the principal deities in the Egyptian pantheon. It was made in bronze using the lost-wax technique. The figure stands upright in a rather rigid position. A pin protrudes from the lower part which would have held the piece in place on a larger base (now lost) made of bronze or wood.

Osiris is wrapped in a shroud which clings closely to the contours of his slender body. Only his hands, crossed over his chest, protrude from his shroud. He is holding a flail, the nekhekh sceptre, in his left hand and the heka sceptre in the form of a crook, in his right hand.

He wears the most representative headdress, the atef crown, on his head. This is made up of the White Crown of Upper Egypt with the addition on each side of an ostrich feather. A serpent snakes down the front of the crown with its head erect just above the god’s forehead.

Inagaki: Standmaker and restorer who worked in Paris for the early dealers/collectors, like de Miré, Guillaume and Ratton. He was especially known for stands he made, he used a wood which he colored with a dye. All these stands are signed with a imprint.

Condition Report: Feet and left part of crown missing.

Provenance: Bought at B.L. Auction House, France from Private collection, Paris. Acquired in 1980.

The seller guarantees that he acquired this piece according to all national and international laws related to the ownership of cultural property. Provenance statement seen by Catawiki.

The seller will take care that any necessary permits, like an export license will be arranged, he will inform the buyer about the status of it if this takes more than a few days.
The piece includes authenticity certificate.
The piece includes Spanish Export License (Passport for European Union) - If the piece is destined outside the European Union a substitution of the export permit should be requested. This process could take between 1 and 2 months.

Detalles del lote
Antiguo Egipto
Número de objetos
Dios Osiris, stand Inagaki
19×6×3 cm
Siglo / marco temporal
Late Period, 626 - 323 BC
Daños, ver foto
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