Lomo "MBR-1" + Focusing Preparatory table (1966) USSR.

Lomo "MBR-1" + Focusing Preparatory table (1966) USSR.
microscopios - Muy bueno (usado y en funcionamiento con leves señales de uso)

Functionality: condition great, fully operational - the lenses of the lens and the viewfinder are clean, the viewfinder's visibility is good - without distortion, the focusing work is smooth and pleasant.. Horizontal and vertical movements relative to the coordinate axes work smoothly and pleasantly.On the reflecting mirror, on one side, the amalgam deteriorated, the other side is in excellent condition. On the bed there is an inventory number written in ink, washed off with hot water if desired.

The second photograph is a drawing; it is provided for an objective understanding of the microscope design and is not part of the lot.

Biological working microscopes MBR-1 are intended for the study of transparent preparations in transmitted light in a bright field and are used in medical, biological, bacteriological and other laboratories.
Microscopes can be used to photograph preparations using microfotonadheskie MFN-7, MFN-8, MFN-9, MFN-12, use binocular nozzles AU-12 and AU-29, a dark field condenser OI-13, phase contrast device KF-4 and other accessories (not included in the set of microscopes)
Magnification: ICBM1 - 56 - 1350x;
The condenser aperture is 0.3-1.2.
Can be used:
Lenses: 8x0.20; 9x0.20; 40x0.65; 40x0.75 VI; 90x1.25 MI.
Eyepieces: Huygens 7x, 10x, 15x, Compensation 15x.
The optical scheme of the microscope is divided into two systems: a lighting one, which includes a mirror 1 (Fig. 1), a condenser 2 with an iris aperture diaphragm 3 and a removable light filter 4, and an observation one, consisting of a lens 5, a prism 6 and an eyepiece 7 connected in a tube a microscope.
A beam of rays from a natural or artificial light source falls on the mirror 1, which reflects it to the aperture diaphragm 3, passes through the condenser 2 and the studied drug and enters the lens 5. The image of the aperture diaphragm is obtained in the exit pupil of the lens, due to which the field of view of the microscope is illuminated most evenly. The lens gives an image of the drug in the plane of the field diaphragm of the eyepiece 7, which serves to view an enlarged image of the drug.

Prism 6 deflects the beam of rays at 45 ° from the vertical. The inclined position of the emerging beam creates convenience when working with a microscope.

The dashed lines in the figure show the rays giving an image of the central point of the preparation, the solid lines show the rays passing through the edges of the microscope's field of view.

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"MBR-1" + Focusing Preparatory table (1966) USSR.
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Muy bueno (usado y en funcionamiento con leves señales de uso)
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