Johannes Eck(ius) - Enchiridion locorum communium, adversus Martinum Lutherum & asseclas eius. - 1538

Johannes Eck(ius) - Enchiridion locorum communium, adversus Martinum Lutherum & asseclas eius. - 1538
Historia, Manuscritos, Religión, Escritura de combate - Cantidad: 1 - Otros extras - Ver descripción - Libro

Johannes Eck(ius): Enchiridion locorum communium, adversus Martinum Lutherum & asseclas eius. Interiecta sunt noua quaedam, nuper excusa quae in secunda proximiori pagina inferta habentur. Lugduni (Lyon), Theobaldus Paganus, 1538. 16mo: 480 pp. unpaginated. Original blind-stamped leather binding with 8 raised bands and spine title. Spine damaged at top and bottom. Ties are missing. On the title page several names / notes from that time. A few leaves (B4 and D4) neatly restored with some text loss. Edges are red with text. Bookblock has old moisture rings throughout and some contemporary underlines and some old wormholes at the bottom of the inner margin. The pictures provide a good impression.

** Bibl. ref. : Not in Adams, Not in de BL, Brit. Libr. or Kuczynski; Baudrier IV, p.219ff, Metzler 51 (43).
Not in the NCC (not in the Netherlands) In WorldCat 5 known copies.

Johannes Eck (Egg an der Günz, 13 November 1486 - Ingolstadt, 15 February 1543) was a German Dominican and Roman Catholic theologian.

Johann Eck was born Johann Maier at Eck and derived his additional surname from his birthplace (Egg). His education was undertaken by his uncle, parish priest at Rottenburg am Neckar. From the age of twelve he studied at the universities of Heidelberg, Tübingen and Cologne. He was ordained a priest in Strasbourg on 13 December 1508. He did his PhD at the University of Freiburg where he was also mentor to the later anabaptist Balthasar Hubmaier. He also wrote his first work there, Ludicra logices exercitamenta. In 1510 he was appointed at the University of Ingolstadt, where also Petrus Canisius studied. Until his death, he would hold a strong position at the University of Ingolstadt, which would also become a stronghold of the Counter-Reformation. Later he got additional appointments in other universities, including Leipzig, where he was also the rector.

Opposition to Martin Luther
Eck fiercely opposed the views of Martin Luther, whom he met in 1517. In 1519, moderated by Petrus Mosellanus, the famous Leipzig dispute (Leipziger Disputation) took place between Andreas Karlstadt Bodenstein, Martin Luther and Johannes Eck about, among other things, the primacy of the Pope. Eck argued that the denial of the divine attitude of that papal primacy equated Luther with Wyclif and Hus. Luther replied that ‘the teachings of Wyclif and Hus indeed contained many Christian and evangelical elements.’ This automatically led to the conclusion that the Council of Constance, which had burned Hus at the stake in 1415, had gone astray. Luther also confirmed this. In rejecting the infallibility of the councils, Luther also rejected every church doctrine: he denied that the church could impose any particular interpretation of the Bible, without any possibility of appeal. According to Luther, the Scripture (the ‘Scriptura’) was the only infallible authority for Christians: ‘Sola Scriptura!’

Johannes Eck informed Pope Leo X, who after further research in 1520 with “Exsurge Domine” first called on Luther to repent, and then excommunicated him in 1521 with “Decet Romanum Pontificem”. Leo X left the public announcement of Exsurge Domine to Eck, who had also been given the title of Protonotary Apostolic. In Germany he had to flee from the public several times due to negative reactions to the proclamation.

Detalles del lote
Número de libros
Escritura de combate, Historia, Manuscritos, Religión
Autor/ Ilustrador
Johannes Eck(ius)
Título del libro
Enchiridion locorum communium, adversus Martinum Lutherum & asseclas eius.
Año de publicación artículo más antiguo
Lengua original
Lugduni (Lyon), Theobaldus Paganus, 1538.
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10.8×7.8 cm
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