Tsuba grande japonés - Guardia de katana de hierro - Tojin and Take design - Estilo Mito - Periodo Edo

Tsuba grande japonés - Guardia de katana de hierro - Tojin and Take design - Estilo Mito - Periodo Edo
Estado muy bueno, ver descripción - 77×71×5 mm

MOKKO GATA a four lobes TSUBA form for KATANA or WAKIZASHI size.
This design depictes TOJIN a Chinese poet who did not want his work to survive him. He is sitting in the middle of a bamboo forest, amid a mountain background, MATSU a pine tree, above him, looking at a pilgrim in the distance.
The reverse with rock and TAKE or Japanese bamboo, giving an overall impression of massiveness especially against the uniformly polished ground.

The MIGAKI JI plate is lightly hammered and punched to create the appearance of a rock face, while the surface polished smooth is sharply carved with accurate details in IROE TAKAZOGAN, a high relief modelling, and finely applied in gold and brass inlay.
The trunk and branches of the pine tree finely chiseled in KATABORI. Much of the web carving is higher than the rim or the SEPPAI DAI.

MITO style

Middle EDO period, 18th century

The design is placed in a lively fashion, the fine quality of the metal, elegance of the flat surface, and a rounded general form give the work a feeling of grandeur and authority. The style is bright, the deep purplish patina of the metal clear, and the engraving sharp. The entire guard has a rustic appearance with a clear blackish colour. In all likelihood, it belongs to the middle EDO period.
The concept of the design encompasses the total surface of the TSUBA to heighten the pilgrin in the background. The detailed carving with a pierced rocks, which evokes the mountain with its caves, area of immortal, venerated by the taoists, and a tuft of plants means the life which seems to take root, to coil up, and finally to take its force from there.

77 x 71 mm

Basically in decent condition considering the age.
See the detailed photos or email me for more info.

Detalles del lote
Tsuba grande japonés
Guardia de katana de hierro
Periodo Edo
Región / País de origen
Estilo Mito
Título de la obra de arte
Tojin and Take design
Estado muy bueno, ver descripción
77×71×5 mm
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