Lorenzo Delleani (Attr. a) - Paesaggio Alpi piemontesi

Lorenzo Delleani (Attr. a) - Paesaggio Alpi piemontesi
Óleo sobre tabla - Firmado a mano - 23/5/1899

Beautiful painting by Lorenzo Delleani, born in Pollone (BI) in 1840 and deceased in Turin in 1908, a highly appreciated painter whose works are present all over the world.
The work in question is signed and dated on bottom right and seems to have been made at sunset on the Biella Alps, one of the artist’s favourite places.
There are no certifications or stamps that accompany the work, which has always remained in a private home and therefore has never been included in sales or galleries. From this point of view I must identify it as "attributed" since there are no certifications, but the style, the quality of execution, as well as the signature and dating can clear any doubts.
With frame, without glass.
Size of the panel only: 50 x 30 cm.

Some information about the artist taken from Wikipedia:

He initially joined romantic painters and painted canvases with historical subjects, gaining some official awards. In 1874 he exhibited at the Salon de Paris and returned there in 1878 with Regattas in Venice. From the end of the 1870s his style gradually changed in the expressive means and in the thematic repertoire, in the direction of a renewed attention to the study of landscape from life, creating canvases with dense and dazzling colours. His small panel were rather famous, made with quick and confident strokes.

From the beginning of the 1880s he devoted himself exclusively to an en plein air painting, crated in dense brushstrokes of colour that capture the light, adopting Piedmontese views among his favourite subjects, depicted as the light and seasons vary. In 1883 he went to the Netherlands, studied the painters of the Golden Age and brought back creative stimuli and a sumptuous use of colour.

Among his paintings, there are numerous mountain landscapes, characterised by bright colours and thick and fast brushstrokes; particularly appreciated by collectors are those of the period 1883-1889. Delleani did not like to paint city views, but preferred natural landscapes, especially of the Biella area.

His favourite places were Turin, where he spent several winters, Biella, Pollone and the castle of Miradolo, where he was a guest of the counts Cacherano of Bricherasio and in particular of countess Sofia Cacherano of Bricherasio, his favourite student.

Detalles del lote
Lorenzo Delleani (Attr. a)
Título de la obra
Paesaggio Alpi piemontesi
Óleo sobre tabla
Firmado a mano
En excelente estado
3.8 kg
Dimensiones totales
49×68×6.5 cm
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